Not all that glimmers is gold

Fools Gold

Fools Gold is a single mint Chia CAT token with a max supply of 1,618,033,988 XIP, none of which has any monetary value whatsoever. In Scandinavian languages "fools gold" translates directly as "cat gold" which is a nice play on Chia Network terming tokens "CATs", as well as their uncertain value proposition.

Earning Fools Gold

The only way to earn Fools Gold is by joining the Fools Gold team at Folding@Home. Folding@Home is a scientific supercomputing project aimed at to solving some of the thornier problems in medicine by folding proteins.

Why would I join this effort if the token is without monetary value you might ask. Well to that I can only say that you might do it simply for that warm fuzzy feeling of helping humanity defeat some of the worst diseases that plagues us, or perhaps you just like collecting shiny virtual things.

Go here to sign up and get your very own super secret username, and then head on over to our discord for any support you might need (or in the opposite order if even the first step confuses you).

Asset ID: 287b633167f822353444492c96030db71ee78e6ac33897ea4c572623aa4c94d2

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