Not all that glimmers is gold

Fools Gold

Fools Gold is a single mint Chia CAT token with a max supply of 1,618,033,988 XIP, none of which has any monetary value whatsoever. In Scandinavian languages "fools gold" translates directly as "cat gold" which is a nice play on Chia Network terming tokens "CATs", as well as their uncertain value proposition at present.

Plans are being laid for distributing the lions (or is it tigers) share of the XIP in existence widely and for free. In the meantime, if you are interested, please check out our discord (link just updated).

Asset ID: b643fefe670a7fdab7496103972a896c32b596531c6ee9b495fe8a4dedb0eee4

Maybe you came here for Mystery Coin (XIPM).