Not all that glimmers is gold

"Mining" Fools Gold with Folding @ Home

If you are interested in earning Fools Gold (XIP) you have come to the right place. Fools Gold is now being distributed primarily by contributing your processing power to Folding @ Home and in doing so helping scientists find novel cures for diseases.

Getting started

  • Use the form below to request a username. You need to enter a valid XCH wallet address. Pick one belonging to a wallet you are likely to keep for a long time since this is the address that will recieve the XIP payout.
  • Go to Folding @ Home, download, and install the software.
  • Enter the username that you just retrieved, and the team id (1062866) into the application.
  • You will also want to request a passkey (this will boost your F@H points once you qualify the passkey after 10 work units). The passkey also has to be entered into the application once you have received it (it may take several hours to arrive)

Important details & common problems

  • If you are not familiar with Chia Network please visit their website to get set-up with a wallet (or full node if you wish to farm XCH).
  • You have to enter the Team Id (1062866) as well as the username correctly for this to work. Make sure there are no extra spaces or missing characters.
  • It may sometimes take quite long to receive your passkey (which is based on your username). Folding @ Home is an academic project and as such, resourcing is a challenge and services periodically go down.
  • If you need to switch your wallet (and thus your wallet address) you NEED to request a new username. This is for your security since your username and your payout address are bound together mathematically.
  • The passkey you receive from Folding @ Home will have to be entered into the Folding @ Home software, and will require 10 completed work units with that passkey for it to be qualified for the passkey bonus.
  • If you have to start over with a new username you will also have to request a new passkey and qualify all over again.
  • A Chia wallet can have multiple wallet receive addresses. It doesn't matter if your current receive address doesn't match the one that you submitted here as long as the receive address belongs to the same wallet.
  • Q: My computer is weak, will I still be able to earn XIP? A: Yes. Currently 30% of the daily budget is allocated to "participants" (split equally between those who have submitted at least one work unit in the preceeding day).
  • Q: I didn't receive a payout yesterday, what's up? A: Sometimes for technical reasons payouts may be delayed. They are however always compensated. If a day is missed the budget will be increased accordingly and everyone will be paid according to their contribution during the span between payouts.
  • If all else fails please join our discord to receieve support.

To retrieve your username just enter your wallet receive address below

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